Advanced Mediumship Class

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Are you a practising medium looking to take your skills to the next level? If you are then Thelma Francis and John Blackwood will be taking a Wednesday night class (Open Circle will still be run). This series of classes is aimed at helping you to hone your skills ready for platform (or private) work. These classes will officially start on the 17th October and will run for the next 5-6 months.

The first Wednesday of each month John will be covering the philosophy side. This night will be open to all that are interested in learning about spiritualist philosophy.

The other nights of the month the class will be led by Thelma as she takes your mediumship skills to the next level. You should speak to Thelma or Denise Salvona about attending these classes as they are not designed for beginners.

These classes will be £6 for non members and £5 for members (£1 of this will be donated to the Almoners Fund).

If you fancy a taster before the classes start then you might be interested to know that John and Thelma will be the guest speakers at our Talking Heads night on the 10th of October. This evening is an informal and interactive chat about their experiences living a life with Spirit.

They hope that they can answer some of your questions and so invite you to submit them to us in advance if you wish. You may send them through this page and there will also be a box to post them into in the church anonymously.

Everyone is welcome and the more the merrier. Please join us for an evening in the warmth of the sanctuary with friends old and new. £4 for non members and £3 for members.