Are you missing your development classes?

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Developing your Mediumship

As Spiritual Mediums we

are all individual

have our own Spirit teams helping us to develop

& we want to be the best ambassadors for Spirit

Hello Everyone

Are you a Developing Medium and missing your classes at this time?

Would you be interested in joining me for a virtual development class/group?

The aims would be to review your knowledge of the Mechanics of Mediumship and to enhance your level of work with Spirit.

Over the next 6 weeks I would like to help you continue with your development and take your learning forward for when your face to face classes resume.

If you are interested private message me or email me at and I will give you further details

Whatever your level of Mediumship join me

Janette Rae

Monday evenings at 7.30pm

Oh and by the way it is totally FREE!