Peeping through the Fringe

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If you have missed visiting the Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, whilst our church classes are on holiday, then why not fill your time by checking our some of the many Fringe shows at the centre.

Robin Cairns performs his hilarious show, “Edinburgh Panda’s are Just Weegies in Disguise.” Markus Guhue’s going to transport us to Japan with the magical “Shakuhachi Experience”. Tony Randle and Alice Williams’ beautiful, “Birdsong and Folk Song” is here. Krishnapriya’s presenting the powerful  “NatyaKatha.”  Natyakatha tells stories of womanhood through traditional Indian Dance. Kristen and Kenny will give us “(L)awfully Wedded”, a dark Belgian treat. That’s not all, up from a successful run in Manchester, “The Community Centre”comes to us to make us smile.

Finally, the centre’s own show. “Arthur Conan Doyle, The Spiritualist.” A Fabulous insight into the later life of one of Scotland’s favourite authors.