The Philosopher Within Us – Workshop

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Cost £20 for members £25 for non members. Pay online or speak to a committee member at our Sunday Service (11:00).

Workshop Agenda

1. Introductions all round.
2. Short meditation.
3. Discussion about everyone’s perception of philosophy – the word and the subject, and how it feels to speak in front of others.
4. BRIEF introduction to the process of memory and storage in the brain and philosophical thinking.
5. Group to choose a word, and for the whole group to compose a piece of philosophy about it. One volunteer to deliver possibly at the end. To write it up on the board as the ideas flow – mind mapping.
6. Feedback as to ease or difficulty of the exercise.
7. Small groups next and issue each group with a word and ask them to compose a piece of philosophy about it. One volunteer to deliver it at the end of the exercise.
8. Small groups again, give each group a piece of text and ask them to evaluate it and it’s meaning to them. Explore the differences of perception and meaning if the piece. Feedback to larger group at end of exercise.
9. Feedback so far – any increase in confidence, understanding?
10. Give each student a number and randomly pick one number for the person to speak, and another to choose a word. Speaker to discuss the word. Time spoken is immaterial, thinking on the feet is.
11. Winding down, feedback, general comments, and perception of philosophy at end of the session. Any changes? Greater understanding? Demystifying?
12. Thanks from Ann, and close of day’s work.