Mediumship advice from Gordon Higginson

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Gordon Higginson

Gordon Higginson

Before you can touch the Spirit, you must find it within yourself.

For all truth, for all knowledge and all love, must be found first within oneself. 

And the Spirit can never touch you, and bring love and peace within your being and from your being, until you have found it for yourself. 

And before you can build a picture of love from the Spirit, you must learn to find it in this life.

For visualisation is leading you to vision itself.  For words and music are there for you to find, in moments, an answer; something that’s for you, to live our life in truth.

When you have passed through those experiences, then offer yourself to the Spirit.  Not before.  Always prepare yourself as a channel for the Spirit that’s passed through experiences that’s held you tremendously strong.

No matter what despair, no matter what misfortune, you stand there with love still radiating from you.  Then God will touch you.  You will have been chosen then as a channel for the Great Spirit.

I want you to look at development and meditation in two different ways.  One, you can learn to sit quietly and have a lovely book.  I suggest that you find a lovely verse and sometimes some beautiful music that touches you, your being.  Sit quiet and go through it.  Let the emotion come when it touches you.  Don’t be afraid to weep.  And always smile afterwards.

As you pass through the experience of being touched by something very beautiful, then you will know what it’s like when you really touch the Spirit.  For that same wonderful impression will be given to you.  You will know then what the meaning ‘inspiration’ means to you.

Gordon Higginson