Geraldine Cummins – 50 years in Spirit

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It is 50 years since Geraldine Cummins transitioned to her new spirit life. Born in Cork in 1890 Geraldine grew up with Spiritualism. She discovered that she had mediumistic ability but this grew into an unmatched skill as an automatic writer. She would cover her eyes with one hand and then write continuously with the other. Her career as an automatic writer in itself lasted for 50 years.

As we have so many of Geraldine’s books in our library it seems only fitting to pay tribute to a medium who’s works has adorned so many of our members bookcases. Here is a small excerpt from one of her many books – ‘The Road to Immortality’. In these scripts she is channelling the spirit of F W H Myers, psychologist, psychical researcher and one of the early founders of the SPR.

“The reason, therefore, for the universe and for all appearances, for even the little mundane joys and sorrows of human beings, is to be found in the term “evolution of spirit,” the need for complete fulfilment which can be obtained through limitation, through the expression of the spirit in form. For only through that expression can spirit grow, developing from the embryo, only through manifestation in appearance can spirit obtain fulfilment. For this purpose were we born, for this purpose we enter and pass through myriad worlds or states, and always the material universe is growing, expanding, giving fuller and fuller expression to mind. The purpose of existence may be summed up in a phrase–the evolution of mind in matter that varies in degree and kind–so that mind develops through manifestation, and in an ever-expanding universe ever increases in power and gains thereby the true conception of reality. The myriad thoughts of God, those spirits which inform with life all material forms, are the lowest manifestation of God, and must thus learn to be- come God-like–to become an effective part of the Whole.”