Happy Birthday – Andrew Jackson Davis

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Often hailed as the grandfather of Modern Spiritualism, Andrew Jackson Davis was born today (11th Aug) in 1826.

Just think, in another 7 years we can celebrate his 200th birthday. He may have been an amazing clairvoyant but I bet he never imagined that we would still be reading his books 175 years after he started writing.

Known as the ‘Seer of Poughkeepsie’ his first book was published in 1843. As was fashionable in those times it had a snappy, never to be forgotten, title.

The Principles of Nature, Her Divine Revelations, and a Voice to Mankind.

Andrew was born from uneducated stock. Early in his life he discovered, that when he was in a magnetic trance, that he had access to esoteric knowledge – knowledge of science, knowledge of healing and a clairvoyant contact with the spirit realms. This knowledge flew from his lips and flowed onto the pages of his much loved books. With that in mind it would seem wise to end on a few quotes from the great man.

“All things throughout the immeasurable domain of terrestrial and celestial existence — with their forces, laws, movements, and developments — are reciprocally related to, and inseparably connected with each other; so that there is formed or constituted a magnificent unitary system of existence and causation, of which the Divine Being is the great positive life-principle and regulating power.”

Consciousness is the only indubitable fact. All else is relative and questionable. Self-existence is the primary demonstration of existence. Mind is known to itself by and through its consciousness. Your only perfectly clear idea is that of your existence. You can mistrust every fact but the fact of yourself. Consciousness is irresistible, absolute, irreversible, and beyond controversy. It is that which you accept without question.”

Spirit” is the fountain of every sublime Aspiration — the flower of immortal fragrance in the middle of the heart of man’s life — the indwelling “image and likeness” of whatsoever is holy, beautiful, lovely and eternal. “Spirit” is the source of Love and Wisdom — “soul” is the source of passion and knowledge. “Soul” is the life of the outer body — “spirit” is the life of the soul. After physical death, the soul or life of the natural body becomes the form or “body” of the eternal spirit; and hence, in the Spirit Land, the spirit is surrounded by the physical imperfections of the “soul.” But the soul (or spirit body) is ultimately purified by the “spirit,” which is King.”