Affiliated to the Spiritualists’ National Union

Established in 1901, Edinburgh Association of Spiritualists is the oldest Spiritualist organisation in Edinburgh and the second oldest in Scotland.

Our Association is based in the West End near Haymarket and serves the City of Edinburgh and the Lothians. The Spiritualist religion and philosophy is based on seven founding principles and does not adhere to any fixed creed or dogma but celebrates the diversity of opinions of individuals by encouraging them to question our philosophy and way of life.

Our Association aims to challenge the stereotypical view of Spiritualists being fortune tellers and only interested in ‘talking to the dead’. Our work encourages enquirers to question the foundation of our philosophy and provide a meeting place for people to share their opinions without fear of being told what to think or do.

We hope you enjoy using our site. Our services are open to all and we welcome enquiries from newcomers.

Our contact details can be found on the contact information page.