Memberships and Serving your church

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Thank you for supporting the church and renewing your membership in 2020. As a full member you have the right to speak and vote at the churches AGM (April 2020). Please see the secretary or one of the committee members about paying this years dues (£15) if you still haven’t paid.

Do you know how much you save by being a member? You save money on every class and workshop that is run by the church. For example if you regularly attended the Monday class  then you will have would have recovered the cost of your membership by summer.

Being a full member also allows you to take the next step in being of service to spirit – working on the church committee.

Every year our full members are entitled to select who will represent them as President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Committee Members. Before the AGM all our full members will receive nomination forms. They can select other full members that they feel would represent them on the church committee. If those members accept their nominations then they are elected to the committee. If there are too many nominations then a vote is taken at the AGM.

This is your church and it’s good to have a say in how it runs. If you are interested in being part of the committee then please speak to a current committee member.

(Please note that these discounts only apply to EAS events and not classes run by the Arthur Conan Doyle Centre).