Edinburgh Association Lyceum Report – April 2022

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Our Church & Community Lyceum meets on the first Wednesday of the month and we are pleased to report that a good number of Church members, Lyceumists and visitors attend, interested in finding out more about what we do.

Our Lyceum Sessions focus on “conversations” on a specific topic sometimes introduced by a reading that sets the theme for the session. In the last few months since re-opening, we have focused on subjects ranging from “how spirit has influenced our lives” and “what Spiritualism means to us” to hearing personal stories from Lyceumists.

In April, we were delighted to hear from Lyceumist Heather Finch whom having recently moved to the Lothians we have welcomed to our Church and Lyceum as a new member. Heather is well known in the Lyceum and, of course, so too were her parents Molly & Jim Biggin. At our April Lyceum Session Heather shared the personal story of her mother Molly and how she got involved in Spiritualism and the Lyceum movement. Here is an extract of what Heather shared with us:


Molly Biggin 1924-2008

Molly was the second born of twins. Her parents didn’t know they were having twins so she was a surprise! They lived in a small village in Northamptonshire, with no running water (the well was half a mile away), no toilet (a hut at the bottom of the garden) and no electricity until 1952.

Mum & twin Peggy, went to the village school, then grammar school, before starting work in the Counting House of a large store. Peggy did typing while mum worked with cash & figures.

When she turned eighteen, in 1942, mum signed up with the WRENS. After training Plymouth, she was sent to Tobermory on the island of Mull, where she met my father, Jim Biggin, who was working as a Radar Trainer. They got married in 1948 and lived in a top floor flat in Ibrox, Glasgow.

Mum was introduced to Spiritualism during their courtship, and attended some physical circles, where she got good evidence. She worked in various posts, for Spiritualism, for the rest of her life. She played the organ, was Lyceum secretary, then Education Secretary for the SLU for over twenty years, writing Little Singing Bird Stories for the monthly Banner and organising the Lyceum examination scheme for children and adults, having done some of the courses herself.

Thanks to Heather for leading us in a most enjoyable Lyceum Session.