Spiritualism – Frequently Asked Questions

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Rev Alfred Kitson

Emma Hardinge Britten

The Lyceum manual was first published in 1887.  It was inspired by Andrew Jackson Davis, and the UK version was compiled by Emma Hardinge Britten, Alfred Kitson. The manual introduces children to the teachings of Spiritualism. Many of the sections are in a question and answers format. We have included some here to get you thinking about some other questions that you might like to ask of us

Q – What are the aims of Spiritualism?

The aim of Spiritualism is to effect a complete at-one-ment and unison of man with God, till every action and thought of man is in perfect harmony with Divine Will. It lays down no creed, asks no symbol, and reverences no time or place. It is reverent to Truth only.

Q – Who are the ‘Spirit Friends’ that mediums receive messages from?

A – “They are human beings who used to live in this world, and who now come back, to guide and help and cheer us, from their homes in the Spirit World.”

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Q – Are all Spirit messages to be relied on?

A – No. Spirits may consciously or unconsciously make mistakes just as we do on earth. Mediums are also only human, they can misinterpret the message. We must test, prove and try them exactly as we do with our earthly friends.

Q – What use is psychic development?

A – Psychic faculties enable us to establish communication with human beings who once lived in  physical bodies. Communications with spirit people removes the fear of death. This teaches eternal progress for all mankind. No child on earth is punished unjustly. All are helped and guided into useful, happy lives.

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Q – Can everybody heal others?

A – Yes. Everyone who is sympathetic automatically projects a healing force towards the sufferers. Spirit teachers claim to extract forces from willing helpers and blend them with their own personal magnetism or rays. These are carried to the patient.

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Q – What is death?

A – Death is the separation of the earthly body from the spirit body; it is the mightier second birth. The body decays, changes it’s form, and returns to the earth from which it was sublimated; but the spirit unharmed passes to the new life freed from it’s earthly bonds. Death does not affect the spirit morally or intellectually, it is simply another birth into a higher state. The knowledge, attainment and experience of the earth-life forms the basis of the Spirit Life.

Q – What are our spiritual duties and to whom do we owe our duties?

A – To train our spiritual nature in the God-like qualities of unselfishness, harmony, nobility, purity, truth, wisdom, and love. We owe these to ourselves first, then our neighbours and to God. It is not selfish to care for ourselves as long as we take from no one else, and by so doing it gives us the strength and ability to care for others. Compassionate care borne of our own gratitude?

Q – What are the 6 steps of attaining Truth?

A – Truth features in the Spiritualist National Union logo for a good reason. ‘Truth shall set you free’. The 6 steps are;

  1. An earnest desire to gain the Truth
  2. A willingness to receive Truth, wherever it comes from
  3. Courage to follow the Truth wherever it leads
  4. Willingness to cherish and defend the Truth
  5. To live your Truth daily at all times, and in all places
  6. To let your Truth shine and light the way for others

If you would like a more up to date printed copy then the SNU still sell this publication here

If you would like to read the Lyceum Manual an older public domain  PDF version is available at IAPSOP