After Life resources

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Here’s a small list of historical, academic & popular contemporary books on the subject of The Afterlife. These were discussed at the 1st of September discussion group, which is a monthly event held as part of our Spiritual Lyceum.
  • The Road to Immortality, Geraldine Cummins
  • Glimpses of the Next State, William Usborne Moore
  • On The Edge Of The Etheric, Arthur Findlay
  • Letters From The Afterlife, Elsa Barker
  • The Eager Dead, Professor Archie Roy
  • Consciousness Beyond Life, Pim Van Lommel
  • Arthur Balfour’s Ghosts, Trevor Hamilton
  • Is There An Afterlife, David Fontana
  • Afterlife, Colin Wilson
  • Tell My Mother I’m Not Dead, Trevor Hamilton
  • Proof of Heaven, Dr Eben Alexander
  • Life After Life, Raymond Moody
  • Messages From The Afterlife, Mark Ireland
  • The Afterlife Interviews Vol 1 & 11, Jeffrey A Marks
  • Answers About The Afterlife, Bob Olsen
  • A Lawyer Provides Evidence For the Afterlife, Wendy & Victor Zammit